Instructions and the doses

BioVitall Powder for Manure (BVP-M and BVP-M Plus)

Initial treatment pit

Use 1 kg of BVP-M or BVP M-Plus per 100 m3 of manure (for mink 1 kg per 50-70 m3). Solve this well in oxygen-rich water (tap water) and use a minimum of 500 liters water per kg of product. The more water the better it works (more oxygen). With chicken manure in basements we recommend 750 liters water per kg of product. Apply this mixture in several places (divide) at the bottom of the pit. BVP-M or BVP M-Plus works best from the bottom up. Treat three to four weeks for spreading. BioVitall Powder M-Plus has an extra strong effect.

Weekly treatments in the stable

 Consumption per animal per week
Cows2 to 3 grams (3 grams is best)
Veal calves2 grams
Pigs2 grams
Piglets0.7 grams
Chicken5 grams per 400 animals

Always 20 grams of BVP-M or BVP-M Plus per 10 liters of water.

  • The solution can be spread over the manure or on the slatted floor with a watering can, bucket or high pressure spray. 
  • The product always dissolve in oxygenated water (tap water) because otherwise the effect is greatly reduced or it will not work. 
  • With a weekly use in the stable a treatment of the manure pit is no longer necessary. 
  • To start the pit should always be treated once on the ground
  • For solid manure 2 to 3 grams per animal spread each week over the manure. 
  • Always keep enough moisture in the manure pit. The manure must become homogeneous and pumpable. 

Storage: It is best to store BioVitall Powder in a closet or in a pantry. Keep dry and protect it from (electro) magnetic fields as power lines, loudspeakers, electric motors. Not lay too close. Keep it out of direct sunlight or under continuous fluorescent light.


Always use fresh water or water from a iron removel installation with spray. This contains enough oxygen. In your own spring water is usually no or very little oxygen so that the process in the manure not gets into gear.