Holland Green International is a company that focuses primarily on the overall agricultural sector worldwide. It sells very well-functioning natural harmless BioVitall Powder products. Green products. This is about the better product with the best research results in its field in the world. These are some of the products:

  • BioVitall Powder for animal feed
  • BioVitall Powder for animal drinking water
  • BioVitall Powder for plants/crops
  • BioVitall Powder as fertiliser addition
  • BioVitall Powder for water
  • BioVitall Powder for compost

The products are used for:

  • improvement of the stable environment - reduced ammonia and odour
  • valuable manure - homogeneous manure - against foaming in the manure 
  • for better growth and yield of crops 
  • for better and faster composting - better quality compost 
  • cleaning water i.e. ponds and treatment plants

The various innovative BioVitall Powder products have been fully developed by ourselves and are made in ​​our HGI Production B.V. ( With the products oxygen-loving bacteria increase in both animals, manure, compost, water and soil. In every case, oxygen-poor conditions will be converted to oxygen-rich conditions. A reduction from 80 to 90% of the odour and ammonia in stables is quite possible. In stables this results in:

  • better health for the animals 
  • little or hardly any need for antibiotics !
  • better growth - better meat quality 
  • better milk production
  • better feed processing - improved feed conversion 
  • better stable climate - better for the health of farmers 

Reports from renowned institutes confirms that BioVitall Powder products can provide substantial returns. The companies are GMP+ certified.